Free Online Streaming- Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages vs Disadvantages

I have been managing this website from the last couple of months. From the very beginning of the day people are messaging me asking whether it is good or not to use online streaming. So, I thought to make an article on what are the advantages and disadvantages of online streaming. I hope with this article I will be able to answer all your queries. Still, if you think I should add more points then you can contact me anytime using the contact US page. So, without wasting much time, let’s jump into this article.

Free Online Movies, is it worth? – Advantages of online movie streaming

Let’s talk about advantages first.

Advantages of online streaming

  • Time Saver– We are in 2017 now and most of us are busy in our modern lifestyle. In our lifestyle time has a great value and no one wants to waste time. With online movie websites of free movie streaming sites, one can easily watch his/her favorite movie instantly without wasting much time.
  • Free– We all love free things, right? With online free movies we are getting the movie for free. We do not need to pay any single penny to watch movies online with free sites.
  • No Installation– Online movies don’t require any kind of software to install. Most of online movies are accessible from browsers.

What Makes online Movies worst? – The Disadvantages of free Movies

No time for disadvantages of free movie sites..

Disadavanatges of free online movies

  • Annoying Ads– This is the very common problem with online free movies. As the movie sites are free, they need money to keep their service running. So, in order to earn money they usually use annoying and pop up ads to earn the money from advertising.
  • Can’t be shared– Online movies are not a downloadable property. Every time you need to login to the movie website to watch it for free online. If you want to share it with your friends, then it is not possible. All you can do is share the website link with your friends.
  • Internet Bandwidth– Online movie streaming requires a speed internet connection to make it buffer free. If you have a good internet connection with decent bandwidth then this is not going to make any problem for you. But if you have a slow internet connection, then I am sorry, online streaming is not for you.

What I found……

Well, I think online movies are not a bad idea. Even it is a better idea than offline videos. Yes, I agree there are certain disadvantages, but again, they should not create much problem. Because internet with good speed is now available in almost all the places which makes it possible to overlook all the disadvantages.

So, what you think? What you prefer, online or offline and why? Do, let us known in your comments.